Saturday, August 14, 2010

Thirty Three

The 3rd problem. Thanks to Diane Merrick for the photo!!

Sitting in Ireland at the moment staring out my parents kitchen window at the drizzle. I remember why I don't live here now :o) Have been resting the last two weeks following the Munich comp just trying to sort out my elbow and a few tweaked fingers, all pretty minor. The comp in Munich was actually one of the best experiences of my life and a total contrast to Sheffield. This time I came out psyched, pulled hard topping 2 of the 5 qualifiers and powering out on a 'reasonably' straightforward final move on a 3rd problem. Little did I know that that one move was my ticket to the semi's and a minimum top 20 finish in that round. Apparent reason for failure - overgripping, as usual. Didn't matter though, I was happy with how it went and on any other day it may have been different. There's plenty more in the tank and I learned a lot from that one.

Ned powered his way into the semi's finally finishing in 15th, ahead of some real wads and Stew W. was somewhere ahead again so all was not lost for Team GB and their adoptive token Irishman. The real highlight of the weekend however was the party... Having not drank for a few months, I'd managed to acquire what I believe is what's referred to as a hangover. The train journey to the airport with Jon the next morning was a somewhat quiet affair for some reason.

Eventually I managed to land in Bristol having not chundered over anyone and spent the next week at Ali's. It's not every day your girlfriend's mum asks you to build a climbing wall. So I bashed away in the barn for the next few days and came up with this:

This little beauty is free standing, benefits from, um, holds, of which there are 9 in a variety of colours, all along with a non-stick emergency escape slide out the back. Guaranteed to have you climbing 9a next week. I train on one myself in fact. I'll be taking orders next week...

Actually this was the end product, significantly steeper than it looks, 30 degree prow especially:

Shame I never got to set any routes, Entre-prises next-day delivery arrived four days later - Thanks for that one...

Finally wound up back in Ireland where some friends have made an unbelieveable effort bolting a crag a few hours away with some real quality lines. Just spent the evening there but along with a few other routes did one of the best 6a's I've done anywhere - well worth the effort. If anyone would like to give generously (in the form of cash, bolts or epoxy) I can pass on their details.

May possibly be off to the European Champs in Innsbruck in 4 weeks pending me finding someone willing to pay for it - as being a student at the moment, I can't. Any ideas?