Sunday, April 25, 2010

Fail, fail and fail again

Couple of frustrating days out over the last few weeks. Been repeatedly falling off the last move of The Bitch for 3 sessions. Trouble is, I've been falling off there since my 4th attempt on the problem. Pretty much every time I can just pull back on and do the move - not hard, just a case of hitting it lucky as the foot is tricky to see. Unfortunately the warmer it gets, the less lucky I think I may be feeling!

After the sun came round onto the bloc we just bailed to Kyloe In. Pretty unproductive day, though Mark G. and I did do Crouching Tiger (Sitter probably warrants 7b+ rather than 7c) which was a cool problem so sortof made up for the days failings. Came home and put in a good training session too so not a waste by any means.

Photo: Came back from a rest between goes to find this little guy showing a particular interest in my shoes and in the process scared the $%@! out of me. Thought it was a snake at first - terrified of the things!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

First Blog

Jumping on the blogging bandwagon again, most likely to serve as another distraction from doing any meaningful work.

Had an eventful month or so, somehow blagged my way into the Semi finals at CWIF masqerading as Earl who was busy trying not to chunder over anyone he met. And so Token the Irishman was left to face off the worlds skinniest people, only managing to drop from qualifying in 12th to a pitiful 16th. Had nothing left to give by the Semi's. Actually, I was made up....

Saturday then saw me roaming the streets of Blackburn at 8.30 am looking for BoulderUK, home of the Plywood Masters. Unfortunately, the half glass of wine I had (with a not unsubstantial dinner) the night before had left me feeling somewhere less than on top form. Guess thats what training and not drinking for months at a time does to you - duly noted for the future.

The comp was ace (I got a free t-shirt!!) but really I just wanted to see if CWIF was a fluke or not. A final basically consisting of Token and the British Squad eventually led to a 3rd place finish just behind Dave and Ned. Time to get training....

Otherwise, started my Paediatrics rotation yesterday and off to Wales for Wednesday for a meeting about a new study that's in the pipeline - the juggling act continues.