Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Everything still hurts today. But this time I don't want it to go away as right now, it's reminding me of what so far was the performance of a lifetime (though actually the pain in my neck I could do without). Finally after a string of terrible results in Internationals I've had a decent one. Everything was different about this comp and I know it's down to the experience gained last year and a winter of getting my head around things. This weekend, the podium (as for the 19 others in the semi-final) was so close you could taste it! One more top would've been the ticket into the final and on a different day... It feels more than just a 'maybe'.

 Problem 4 in the Semi-Final - Thanks to Heiko Wilhelm for the use of the photo.

Most of the pain today seems to be stemming from the full body whiplash I gave myself falling sideways off problem 1. As I crawled off the stage all I can remember was being told the dismount "looked well cool". No worries so... :o) Only a few thousand people watching anyway.

Everything's clicked into place a bit more this year, it's just a real shame I've not been able to do more events.

Otherwise, the week continued to get better... Planning for our new climbing wall in Dublin came through, so we've finally been able to release the location and rough opening date.